"A beautifully illustrated, informative tale with a plucky, likable protagonist"

    Kirkus Book Review 

"I can describe this book simply in one word, 'Gorgeous.' ....Readers will realize, as I did, how totally carried away by the combination of images and imaginative storyline this masterpiece of a plication has. With almost a hypnotizing and indeed a powerful effect, these attributes differentiate this book into a 'Best of Class' status."

                                                             Pacific Book Review

"In 'Mr. Fuzzy Ears' children will find the perfect guide to the huge responsibility - and monumental payoff - of having a pet of their very own.

Roberts includes small details in her watercolor illustrations that ad a strong sense of whimsy.  Features... give the book tons of charm."

Foreword Review

"The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears is a beautiful story of love, compassion and making a difference.
What a brilliant idea by the author to instill this important life lesson at an early age."

                Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat

                    Superintendent of  Peoria Public Schools, Peoria, Illinois

"It is helpful when literature is easy to connect to social and emotional learning for our students. This is a great book that teaches students about being caring and empathetic towards animals. I am an Instructional Coach to Teachers and I am currently highlighting this book as my 'Book of the Month' . The artwork is fantastic as well and I am hoping our art teachers can connect with it when they introduce water colors.    

I love this book!

         Crystal M Monast,

                    Teaching Coach, Peoria Public Schools